Thursday, August 9, 2012

brie puffs

I didn't have time to make dinner rolls the other night,
but I wanted to add something to the table-it just needed another side dish,
SO I had some brie cheese and puff pastry dough and made a quick 5 min. side.
It was delicious and simple.

All I did was cut mini square slices from the brie, then roll it up in the pastry dough and pinch the sides. I baked these at 400 degrees in a cupcake tin for maybe 5 min, or until they were "puffed" and brown. The cheese melts and is so creamy and rich and they were so soo good! Also if you make them ahead of time you just pop them into the microwave for a min. and they are as good as fresh from the oven. Seriously, the pastry gets all soft again and the cheese....oh man, it's making me hungry thinking about it.