Friday, June 21, 2013

friday reflections

re•flec•tion (rɪˈflɛk ʃən)

1. the act of reflecting or the state of being reflected.
2. the return of light, heat, or sound after striking a surface.
3. something reflected, as an image.
4. a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration.
5. a thought occurring in consideration or meditation.

I was talking with my sis in law, Kam kam, the other day about life and it was a pretty deep conversation
no it wasn't, 
but yet it was. 
Simply put we talked about protecting our marriages.
She commented on how all her friends who were married while she was in college and whom she looked up to, to emulate their relationships, are now divorced.

A quote came to mind while we were talking. 
"Choose your love, LOVE your choice."

I have family members who have gone through divorces and friends and I'm not putting a blanket statement on all situations out there in the world, but personally for my situation I chose Jonny and he chose me and if we want our marriage to work FOREVER, we need to keep choosing each other every single day. Maybe some days we exercise that choice by having a conversation with each other, rather than browsing facebook or blogs. I think it's the little choices each day that can strengthen or weaken a marriage. 

Choosing to say sorry when it's not your fault. (I'm not very good at this)
Choosing to drop everything and smooch your hubby when he walks in from work.
Choosing to smile.
Choosing to listen.
Choose patience.
Choose to love.
I'm not perfect at choosing these, but I'm trying.

I choose you, Jonny.


  1. Jon is so lucky to have you!!! You are an amazing couple. Love you both!!!

  2. Jon is so lucky to have you!!! You are an amazing couple. Love you both!!!