Monday, July 8, 2013

DIY shirt- from a sheet

I bought a vintage sheet at a thrift store and have been wanting to make something out of it.
Last week I made a simple shirt.

Double up your fabric first. 
I folded the sheet in half and used the seam from the bottom of the sheet
for the bottom of my shirt.

I don't have a serger, and I used a straight stitch, twice.
yup. sew it twice.
and then I sewed it a third time, after trying it on and liking it,
with a zig zag stitch to reinforce it.


I'll post pictures later this week of me wearing it. I think it looks better on. I know it's kind of scrub-like, but you can dress it up. I already wore it to the temple :)

check back for more of my sewing projects, what we did on the 4th and summer happenings with Jonny.

be happy.

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  1. Ok I was going to ask you when you were wearing this if you made it? It turned out so cute, I love it!