Tuesday, July 30, 2013

winding down

This summer is winding down. It's been a good one. I have been busy and the time has FLOWN.
We are only in UT for another couple of weeks. Jon is pretty much finished with his internship/report.
YAY! He worked so hard. Now it's time to play :)

Yesterday we made a trip up to Logan and took a picture of us outside our old homes. . .I am making an effort to journal/scrapbook (photobook online, much easier for me).

We have lived in a different apt. every year of our marriage. That's 4 apartments, not counting the basement we live in right now. student life, right? got to LOVE it.

Anyway, part of my effort to journal includes making a photo book every year with all of our pictures taken through out the year.  And to make this possible we actually have to take pictures. SO...

we set up the tripod and quickly snapped these the morning of our anniversary. Also, Jon got me a point and shoot for my birthday, so I think that will help me record our every day adventures. (rather than bring my big nikon everywhere...though it's kind of hard to part, I might bring it too :) ).

this week we are editing pics, swimming, baseball games, shadowing people at work (jonny is) and eating chocolate. too much chocolate.

I've already eaten my share for the week this afternoon. shhhh.

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  1. Haha I need to calm down on the chocolate too. Can't wait to see you guys!