Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I had a brunch date with these girls at The Lynn, on Bryant

It was delicious and I loved the atmosphere of the place.

What we ordered:

Omelet du jour : this was a pesto and gruyere cheese omelet with ciabatta toast and a potatoe cake that was as hard as a rock, but tasted fabulous.

Chick Pea Fries: yum-o

and I can't remember the name of the german pancake, but it had blueberries and powdered sugar and was divine.

I feel so fancy as I'm typing this, saying words like divine and lovely.

oh I didn't say lovely yet? Well it was lovely dear.

I could definitely go here again!


  1. mmmm i can go here again. the place was so darling, you captured it well in those photos!

  2. I look like a 5 year old! Ha. Such a fun day:)

    1. I love your pic! So happy to be out with friends :)