Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Feeling like fall

I have been into tomatoes lately. 
My friend's have a lot of tomatoes in their garden and
they share, which means Jon and I have been eating a lot of delicious tomato dishes. 

like zis,

tomatoes with pasta


Notice the pumpkins in the background of the first photo?
ya...let's talk about fall.


This is my favorite season.
Sweaters, cool breezes, and it's still warm enough to be outside
AND you can still feel the sun. The leaves start to change and I get antsy to listen to Christmas music.

(speaking of Christmas I want to take pics this fall for a Christmas card-which we have NEVER done...yay)

I don't have any fall pics of us, so here's a summer pic that I prob have already posted somewhere

The hubs and I are planning on going pumpkin picking in the next week or so and we might make it to an apple orchard or two as well. I want to go on as many walks as possible before a frost hits and collect some colors from fall.

We are loving the fall in Minneapolis and soaking it all in, as next year we will prob be somewhere else. Jon is applying for fellowship positions right now, so it's pretty exciting. 

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