Thursday, September 13, 2012

playing house

For the past couple days Lu and I  have been playing house a lot :) 

She calls me "oh honey" and tells me "I'm just going to run some errands while you are 
at school and then I will be right back so you be brave and have a good day." 

I love hearing her mimicking grown up things

She's a good mom 

Here are some pics so you can imagine what goofy scenarios she comes up with being my mom...

Some other things we have been busy with:
1.finding a lot of fun parks to play at
2. picnics
3.baking goodies
4. swimming
5. classes/clubs
6. dancing on the porch
7. follow the leader, hide and seek and other games of that sort
8. science experiments 
9. puzzles and books and library visits
10. drawing and singing lots of songs

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