Friday, June 28, 2013

it started at the thrift store

Okay I have done two posts before this one, leading up to my dress re-do.

SO it's time.

I'm sharing all the details and most of the pics with you.

First off I want to say, hi my name is Stephanie (now you say hi Stephanie)
                                                                                                           and I buy wedding dresses.

Whew. glad I got that off my chest.

I went to a thrift store when I was in elementary school. This is where we did all our back to school clothes shopping. I bought a wedding dress and I said I was going to save it for high school I dreamed of wearing it to dances, but meanwhile used it playing dress up with my friends. I bought it for a small dollar amount (don't remember, but my allowance was pretty meager and I'm sure I got it for less than 10 bucks).

I did NOT where this to a dance, but I did save it all that time and my mom undid the seams and made a pattern from the dress and made me TWO formal dresses, one short and one floor length that I did where to multiple dances.

Then I bought a real wedding dress that I wore on my wedding day.

Then I bought a dress for 5$ at a thrift store that I wore for a photo session. see link.

And then I bought yet another dress. It was so pretty I had to have it.

I spent very little mula on this baby.

and re-did it into...

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  1. yay you're blogging on this blog! the dress is beautiful and so are you! i think you need to start a fashion blog yourself.